The Big Yin Revisited

Garry Moir bears an uncanny resemblance to his childhood hero Billy Connolly. But the similarity doesn't end there. The voice is difficult to tell from the real thing and the comedy is as hilarious and delivered in the same irreverent style as that made famous by The Big Yin himself.

Moir's background also bears an eerie similarity to the real thing. A failed Clyde side welder in a band becoming more and more popular for the comedy content of the show eventually leading to a full time career in comedy.

Gary doesn't rehash old Connolly material - he delivers fresh, original comedy in the same style as The Big Yin with the same energy and approach.


You may catch some of Connolly's songs in Gary's show - they're essential classics - but the rest is pure Connolly....sorry Moir....or is it Connolly...och see the show and you'll see what we mean.


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