Bill Morrow

After Dinner & Event Speaker (in association with SpeakOut)

Serial entrepreneur, Bill Morrow has been creating, building and selling businesses for the last 25 years. He is presently the founder and CEO of Angels Den, Europe's largest equity funding facilitators, bringing business Angels and entrepreneurs together.

Bill started his working life as an accountant with Virgin and quickly moved into investment banking in the City. He rubbed shoulders with many people looking for great ideas to invest in. He set up an international financial recruitment company which he sold to a Wall Street Bank in 2001. Since then he has been making his own investments.

In Bill's world there simply weren't enough good deals out there. To solve this, he launched Angels Den in 2007. Its highly disruptive model has shaken the old boy networks of Angel financing to their core.

Bill has taken on the goliaths of the business world chucked the rule book out on Angel investment and demonstrated a sheerness of grit to make things happen for the small business owner.

Bill is proud to be a maverick in the world of business with the strength of character to take on the dinosaurs still roaming around the City. He is passionate that all businesses with a good idea and a sound business plan should be able to access finance to get off the ground.

Angels Den now has the largest number of Angel investors registered in Europe and is looking to expand into Asia and America. Talks are also progressing for an Angels Den TV show to help struggling entrepreneurs.

What he offers you;
Bill Morrow must be one of the best connected people in the UK. His i-phone address book reads like a whos who of the business world. Coupled with this, his sharp business antennae and penetrating wit are a devastatingly entertaining combination for an audience.

How he presents;
With an infectious passion for success and fun, he inspires his audiences with his determination to always push for more. He is a remarkable presenter who encourages all who hear him to share in his creative entrepreneurial spirit. Drawing from his own experiences, he offers his audiences jargon-free tips on the rules of success, how to take on the big boys and the best business attitude to achieve any goal!

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