Brian McGinley

Brian McGinley is a former Grade 1 Scottish Football  referee who officiated at 98 European Club competitions and International matches.

At domestic level, Brian has refereed 21 ‘Old Firm’ matches during which he never sent off a player. 


However, he regards the Rangers v Aberdeen title decider in1991, his most nerve-wracking game.

He has taken charge of European Championships, Home Championships, summer Olympic Games and UEFA Cup games including 'that’ Real Madrid v Borussia Mönchengladbach game !


Although referees are not allowed to speak out while still involved in the game, there is nothing to stop Brian talking about his past experiences now.

If you often wonder if referees hear the abuse aimed at them by both spectators and players the answer is "yes"! ... as Brian will tell you during his very funny after-dinner performance. 


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