Cameron Young Magic

Cameron Young is a magician like no other ..... Edinburgh close-up magician of the year 2018 and 2019.

Performing magic worldwide, Cameron delivers stage shows as well as individual and close up performances.

Cameron is a Magician with many years experience in the magic industry. He mainly does close up magic and stage mentalism.

Book Cameron for parties, weddings, anniversaries, galas, corporate events, walk around magic, interval entertainment and lots more.

Cameron Young has over 30 million views online ... Magic is his passion and he has always wanted to travel the world performing his craft ...... As seen on The Lad Bible , STV , The Lad Bible Oz, The Daily Mirror and the Sun.



Cameron Young is Bringing his brand-new show to you “Secrets”.

Filled with laughter, Fun and Many moments of astonishment the show is not to be missed. Will secrets be revealed, It’s time for secrets


In this show,  Cameron presents many things that should be impossible and somehow makes them possible.

This show is a guarantee'd laugh riot and with lots of audience participation which can make the magic stand out even more. This is no normal show,  this is something that includes each and every one of you. You will all play a part in this magic show which means, nothing can be set up, as you will be part of the show.

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