Chick Young

Chick Young is the football correspondent for BBC Scotland.

He reports for ‘Friday Sportscene’, ‘Sportscene’, ‘Match of the Day’ and ‘Reporting Scotland’ on television. 


On radio he presents ‘Sportsound’, ‘Good Morning Scotland’ and ‘Newsdrive’

Behind him is a 30 year stretch of working on newspapers and magazines too numerous to mention.


Many are long gone and he has proudly played his part in their demise...


He is captain of charity football team ‘Dukla Pumpherston’, a motley crew of former professional players and TV personalities who tour the the world raising cash for excellent causes. They are best described as a drinking team with a football problem...

He is known for his trademark laugh and speech patterns, which have made him a popular target for lampooning on the BBC Scotland's sports comedy show 'Only an Excuse'.

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