Professor Chris Roebuck

After Dinner & Event Speaker (in association with SpeakOut)


Professor Chris Roebuck has unique experience as a former leader in the military, in business and the public sector. Combined with his economist background and role as Visiting Professor of Transformational leadership at a well known London Business School, Chris Roebuck's inspirational and motivational speaking is based on hard business reality and data that helps leaders, teams and organisations understand how they can reach their full potential and be successful. 

During his military career Chris served with the Royal Engineers and whilst stationed in Germany he developed a modern facine which is now in use by the British Army worldwide.

From 2010 Chris took up a number of roles, mainly in finance. He became the Global Head of Leadership with the Swiss banking and Wealth Management firm UBS and he has held senior leadership roles at HSBC, KPMG, and The London Underground.

Nominated by HR Magazine as one of the top 20 Most Influential HR Thinkers, Chris's innovative and entrepreneurial work as a speaker shows delegates, they already know what delivers success but just didn't recognise it. After Chris has helped them they can quickly transform performance. This boosts customer service, share value and brand value potentially adding up to 10%+ onto bottom line at no cost.


• Corporate leader:
Developing leaders and leadership in major global organisations and SMEs to enable both personal and organisational success. Eg His work in UBS as Global Head of Talent & Leadership is part of a Harvard Case Study.


• Governmental leader:
Working in Government and public sectors on major change and leadership projects from UK National Health Service and local Government to London Underground PFI.

• Thought leader:
being regularly on the list of HR Most Influential  Thinkers and Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at Cass Business School in London researching what delivers success.


• Military leader:
Serving as a military officer leading and inspiring people in challenging environments via a "serve to lead" ethos.


• Executive coach and mentor:
helping senior executives be more successful across as range of different sectors.

Make no mistake, Chris's ideas work in the real world. For example, one organisation who implemented his  I CARE Leadership increased the number of staff happy to recommend it as "a great place to work" to friends or family in 2 years from 40% to 82%, and increased revenue by 40%.  His first book on leadership published in 2000 took this approach and was translated into 11 languages as a result. 

Chris inspires people to success across the world - from legal firms to construction, from the UK National Health Service and UK Government to the Red Cross in Myanmar, from Investment banks in London to Middle East Telecoms, from the Chinese Space Programme to retail in USA. From  Project Managers to HR Directors, from Risk & Legal Officers to Finance Directors, from Beijing, New York, Dubai, Rome, Singapore, Athens, Stockholm, Zurich, Kuala Lumpur, Calcutta, Oman to Hong Kong. 

Chris has been quoted as a business leadership expert globally in the Harvard Business Review China, FT, Wall Street Journal, Le Monde, New York Times, Business Week, Time Magazine, Washington Post, Times of India, Straits & Gulf Times and many other titles. He has been interviewed on leadership and business issues over 350 times on BBC channels, Sky, Bloomberg, Al Zazeera, ITV, CNBC & CNN. For more information please see his website : and his books and podcasts. 

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