Dick Strawbridge MBE

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Dick Strawbridge was born on 3rd September 1959. The third of seven children, he was raised and educated in County Antrim, N Ireland. He was interested from a very early age in 'taking things apart', but had a very poor reputation when it came to putting them back together again - almost always ending up with a little pile of 'left-over-bits'.


However, as long as he could still get whatever unfortunate machine he was 'fixing' to work, and wherever brute-force would suffice, he remained undaunted.

Dick believed, and still believes today, that understanding how and why things work, is as important in it's own right as actually 'getting the thing to work' (this is, at any rate, what he keeps telling his wife!)

In 1978 Dick joined the Army, and a few years later did a degree in Electrical Engineering. Over the next 20 years Dick rose from Troop Commander to Lieutenant Colonel, and enjoyed serving and playing rugby all over the world. He also enjoyed becoming a husband to Brigit, a father to James and Charlotte, and cleaning up after various dogs, cats, goats and chickens! (He would like to take this opportunity to apologise to any of his neighbours who might have been woken up at 4.00a.m by barking, meowing, bleating or cockle-doodle-doing.)

Dick was awarded the MBE in 1993.

Whilst he was still serving in the Army, Dick's family persuaded him to audition for C4's 'Scrapheap'. Thanks to his leadership abilities, personality and engineering skills,(and possibly because he had the biggest moustache the series producers had ever seen) Dick was successful, and was catapulted into the world of television as the 'Yellow Team Leader' for six episodes in the first ever series of 'Scrapheap'! He has to date appeared in 19 programmes of Scrapheap Challenge and Junkyard Wars, winning the Scrapheap Challenge trophy in series 3 with his two younger brothers David and Bobby as 'Brothers in Arms', and the Junkyard Megawars trophy in 2003.

After leaving the Army in 2001 Dick worked in industry for three years, as well as running leadership and teamwork courses, and lecturing in schools and colleges. He took a sabbatical to film the popular series 'Crafty Tricks of War', which he presented for BBC2. In this series, Dick celebrated British ingenuity and demonstrated his practical skills by reconstructing and testing some of the most unusual inventions of war. After filming Crafty Tricks, he also played a key part in the BBC presenting team covering the build up to, and celebration of, the 60th anniversary of D-Day.

When Dick was given the opportunity last year by the BBC to make another new series 'Geronimo', he decided to concentrate his efforts on pursuing a career in television. In Geronimo, Dick again demonstrated his extensive technical knowledge, as he and his 'Crafty Tricks of War' buddy Diarmuid Byron O'Connor built some of the craziest machines seen on television, and then challenged the British public to see if they could beat them. Dick co-presented Geronimo with the lovely Fearne Cotton (TOTP & Smile)

Dick is now a fully fledged television presenter, and is about to embark on his most exciting project yet...

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