Dorothy Paul

After Dinner & Event Speaker (in association with SpeakOut!)


Dorothy Paul's career really started when she earned her first pound and a pie, for doing a concert in Millport. That was while she was working in her real job in the office of the Kraft Cheese Company, up by the canal in Port Dundas, Glasgow.


This was before she was headhunted by Cooper's Sausage Factory.


However, the black pudding section of the factory put paid to any hope of the young Dorothy scaling the dizzy heights of the management ladder in the sausage world. 

Trouble was she could not stand the smell of the exotic ingredients, and, besides, the family were getting fed up with the vast quantities of staff sales that employees were allowed. The cry would go up, No' sausages again!

So Dorothy served her time as A Silver Soprano - She came from a very musical family, even the sewing machine was a singer! There was work in the Variety Theatre and here Dorothy honed her comedy skills by assisting in hundreds of sketches with such comedy stars as Johnny Beattie, Jack Milroy and the old time favourites, Gracie Clark and Colin Murray.

Then came a spell with Scottish Television (STV as it was then) in the One O'clock Gang. Marriage, two daughters, working in Clubland and, eventually, working in the Legitimate Theatre followed.

Over the past years Dorothy has appeared in many dramatic productions both in Theatre and for Television. But it was her part as 'Magrit' in Tony Roper's The Steamie that marked a dramatic turning point in her career. The writing, producing and appearing in her popular One Woman shows followed, and a Television BAFTA award marked the success of her input into these shows.

Lately Dorothy has been concentrating on her After Dinner Talks and Festival work. Her latest, and most exciting venture, was at the Glasgow Pavilion, when she appeared in a new comedy play, A Happy Medium, which she had co-written with her Director, John Bett.

Her book, DOROTHY the revelation of a Rejected Soprano (Published by HarperCollins) has proved a great success, and can be obtained through all good book shops.

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