Geoff Burch

After Dinner & Event Speaker (in association with SpeakOut)

Geoff Burch is described by Later Magazine as Britain's toughest business guru. The Financial Times featured him, as the country's most prolific business advisor, saying, he is tough, very funny and quite abrasive enough to get the fur flying in discussions.

The author of two international best sellers one about setting up your own business and the other about salesmanship.

Resistance is Useless is about changing people's opinions on any subject, transforming your enemies into your bosom buddies and how to sell tanks to Genghis Khan!

Go It Alone is the indisputable guide for every entrepreneur in the making.

A natural wit, Geoff always has an opinion on everything. A great character, who occasionally arrives on the stages of business conferences on his motorbike, a Kawasaki called Gladys.

He's no stranger to TV. Geoff was featured in an eight part series on BBC2 called "All Over The Shop" in which Geoff went on a mission to improve the UK's small shops, by teaching them how to make a profit and improve their customer service. 

Born in Cheltenham, Geoff went to Cheltenham College of Art and Design where he obtained a degree in advertising. He went on to work in advertising and sales before deciding to set up his own business constancy.

Geoff's father was a Viennese Psychiatrist and he called on his expertise to develop a method which works on the psychology of the customer. His first company was called Sales Coach. Though unconventional, Burch is extremely popular and is booked by blue chip companies and corporations worldwide.

But its not just big business that can benefit budding entrepreneurs and anyone setting up a business can also benefit from Geoff's wit and wisdom. Naturally such a character is constantly asked to guest on radio and television and to write articles on just about any subject.

Geoff's current Topics:

Intended for salespeople and/or non-salespeople, this presentation can show anybody the secrets of making our customers buy more.

This shows people that by taking personal responsibility they can make a difference and will also show leaders how to encourage this.

No one likes change, but this presentation shows people how to welcome it!

Not as obvious as you would think. This presentation takes a sideways look at the customer service process and then shows us how to build genuine customer loyalty.

"We can't get the staff!" This shows how to get the best from the people you do have, getting even low performers keen to do well and gain your approval.

The dark inner workings of the human mind - team or customer, when you understand them you can control them.

This presentation is not just about working together, but also explains how to build a process that encourages combined effort for success.

Once everybody from the forklift driver to the finance director understands our core values, they can choose to be an ambassador or an assassin. This presentation helps them to make the right choice.

Just imagine if everyone in your whole organisation shared your ambitions and helped to build your business and make you money. This will show them how.

To book Geoff Burch, contact Emkay Entertainments Agency via Alternatively, speak to a booking agent directly on 01506 855 555.

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