Jamie Andrew

After Dinner & Event Speaker (in association with SpeakOut!)

Edinburgh based Jamie Andrew is an unassuming hero. He describes himself as an ordinary guy who just happens to have gone through extraordinary events. However, Jamie is an astonishing individual. Back in 1999 he was involved in a horrific climbing accident. He and his climbing partner Jamie Fisher were trapped on the storm bound icy summit of a French mountain. Their rescue was one of the most dramatic in the history of the Alps. He survived for five days perched precariously on an icy ledge at the summit of an Alpine mountain. Winds raged to 130 km per hour, and temperatures plummeted to minus 30 degrees Celsius. Jamie was still conscious as he was snatched from the ledge by the French Mountain Rescue Services. It was a dangerous and spectacular rescue. Tragically, it was too late to save his climbing partner and friend.

Despite hypothermia and severe frostbite, Jamie survived the ordeal, but at great personal cost. His hands and feet, damaged beyond repair by the frostbite, were amputated, just ten days later. For many this fate would have meant the end of all hope, but not for Jamie. Amazingly, three months later Jamie emerged from hospital, walking on prosthetic legs, having once again learnt to manage everyday tasks such as feeding, washing and dressing.

Since then Jamie has defied all expectations by running the London Marathon, returning to climbing using his own design of prosthetic ice axe, climbing Ben Nevis, revisiting the Alps, reaching the roof of Africa, learning to ski, snowboard, sail and paraglide, raising tens of thousands of pounds for charity in the process. He has also written a bestselling book about his experiences, called 'Life and Limb'.

His consistently positive attitude towards life and its challenges make Jamie an extraordinary example of bravery and determination.

Jamie is an inspired and gifted speaker and delivers lectures, keynote addresses and after dinner speeches to a wide array of audiences. He speaks with unpretentious modesty yet manages to move and inspire his listeners. His remarkable recovery and subsequent achievements are just part of the story of this true hero and gentleman.

He tells his story with great passion, sincerity and humour. The result is a talk which is at once gripping, inspiring and ultimately uplifting.

Jamie has a growing reputation in the business sector, where he is able to motivate and inspire delegates, from all backgrounds. He uses his experiences to great effect, in putting across many key business messages. Drawing on his skills as a mountaineer, the severe challenge he faced in losing his hands and feet, the strength he found within himself, to rebuild his life, Jamie covers an extraordinary amount of material, all of which is directly applicable to successful business practice.

Jamie also does a lot of work with schools and colleges, where his theme of achieving ones potential, is particularly relevant. His input never fails to illicit a positive response from even the most sceptical of teenagers and young adults.

Jamie is both exceptional and engaging. He is also a popular speaker, worldwide and is fast becoming one of our most successful and in demand motivational speakers.

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