John Luff

After Dinner & Event Speaker (in association with SpeakOut)


John Luff was formerly Head of Global Brand and Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at one of the worlds largest corporations British Telecom. John excels at explaining marketing to the non-specialist and enjoys generating debate and creating links as a facilitator.


In his keynote speeches, seminars and master classes, John is able to draw on his extensive experience that spans managing Global Challenge (undisputedly the worlds toughest yacht race and one of the biggest global marketing programmes) to being an advisor on brand to the fashion industry.

Johns experience, creativity, professionalism and world-view ensure an entertaining and thought-provoking presentation.

John Luff addresses key issues facing people in Marketing, CSR and HR Departments today. John is certainly no tree-hugger but he passionately believes that a brand built on anything other than ethical principles is living on borrowed time. A brand that breaks its word (its marketing promise) risks the scrutiny of analysts, pressure groups and consumers worldwide. For John, the only sustainable marketing is visible, well communicated ethical marketing and to achieve this, CSR needs to be built into brand.

John specialises in helping businesses government bodies and NGOs identify and communicate their CSR credentials. He has been communications coach to the Young Manager Programme for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and he has recently been appointed to the Associate Faculty of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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