Johnnie Casson

After Dinner & Event Speaker (in association with SpeakOut!)

Johnnie Casson is a living legend on the UK comedy circuit. His popularity is the envy of many big name comedians. Johnnie has a unique style of delivery, some clever material and an exceptional warmth, this dynamic and genuinely funny Yorkshire man, with the 'mixed-up metaphors', has a very natural asset - 'like-ability', illustrated within minutes of him commencing his original blend of comedy when smiles and titters soon turn to uncontrollable laughter.

Des O'Connor said Johnnie was one of the funniest comedians to appear on the show. This was proved again when Johnnie appeared in January 98. So successful was the recording that Des immediately moved John to the 'Star' slot. Comments received after the screening were that it was one of the best comedy interviews in recent years.

Bruce Forsyth said 'Johnnie Casson is so funny he could become an enemy.'

As well as being a popular Cabaret Comedian the demand for John's services as an after dinner entertainer are quite phenomenal, making him a leading name on the function market. Proof of his popularity can be found in that wherever he has been booked to entertain demand soon finds him booked to return.

Sir John Mills, the legendary actor, at a recent Johnnie Casson performance was heard to remark, 'I havent laughed so much since I heard Max Miller in 1935!'.

With a top selling Video, 'Live At The Opera House' there can be very few comics who remains so popular- year after year!


...ITV Network - 'Summertime Special'
...ITV Network - 'The New Comedians' Featured in all five shows, 22 mins network airtime
...BBC TV ITV Network - 'Comedians Christmas Cracker'
...ITV Network - 'Live From The Lillie Drome'
...BBC 1 - 'Gag-Tag' (at the request of Bob Monkhouse)
...SKY UK Gold - 'After The Show' (with Jim Bowen, Gareth Hunt & Stan Boardman)
...ITV Network - 'Des O'Connor Tonight'
...ITV Network - 'Des OConnor Tonight' (Star comedy slot)
...ITV Network - 'Sunday Night at the London Palladium' Live
...ITV Network - 'Des O'Connor Tonight'
...CHANNEL 5 - 'Jack Docherty Show'
...ITV Network - 'Des OConnor Tonight'
...CHANNEL 5 - 'Big Stage' 31st December
...ITV Network - 'Tonight at the London Palladium'
...BBC TV - 'Jim Davidson Presents'
...BBC TV - 'Money In The Bank'
...ITV - 'Des O'Connor New Years Eve Special'
...ITV - Des & Mel Today 4 appearances
...ITV 'Des O'Connor Tonight' shows
...Sunday Night at the London Palladium
...Live from The London Palladium
...Channel 4 - Countdown


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