Ken Hames

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Since leaving an impressive military career, real life, action hero, Ken Hames has brought a unique slant on the many documentaries that he has written and presented for TV. His ground breaking, TV Series, Beyond Boundaries for BBC 2 saw Ken leading an expedition of disabled people (one of whom was blind), across Nicaragua, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean in a record breaking, 300 km trek starting in the Mosquito Coast and ending one month later as a world first. The series showed the team going through jungles in over 40 degrees of heat, dealing with a dangerous route overrun with drug, running bandits and even climbing the most difficult live volcano in Central America.

His previous series, Desert Darlings took couples across the Namib Desert, placing their sometimes fragile relationships under the extreme pressures of an expedition. His first series for Channel 4, was the popular, Jungle Janes, where Ken's challenge was to turn a group of British women, none of whom had any expedition experience, into a cohesive team fit enough to take on the gruelling jungles of Borneo. It was enjoyed by millions who found this journey an inspiration.

His first television programme was a series, called The Trek in 1994. With the help of Diana, Princess of Wales, Ken was able to take twelve disadvantaged youngsters to the heart of Africa on a 500-mile trek over desert and mountainous terrain, The process transformed their lives and Ken still monitors their progress.

These documentaries have proved Ken's extraordinary ability to inspire and motivate even the most unlikely candidates. His unique skills enable him to take any rabble of individuals and finish with a winning, cohesive team, using sound leadership and thorough training are just some of the tools that he uses. Ken is passionate about empowering people to change their lives for the better.

Alongside creating, setting up and presenting these projects, Ken presented the highly praised series, Greatest SAS Missions for Five, CBBCs Bring it On, Hero Factor for the Discovery Channel, Battle Stripes, Future Fighting Machines for the US, Channel 4's Shattered and ITV's Celebrity Fit Club. Ken was also involved from the earliest of stages in the design and development of ITV's Im a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

Ken is a real life action man who leads from the front. He has 25 years military experience under his belt, and is one of only a very few to have served in The Parachute Parade, the Royal Marines and the Special Air Service. Interestingly, he was one of the last British soldiers to guard Nazi war criminal, Rudolph Hesse in the infamous stronghold of Spandau in Berlin, and was also there as one of the last British Officers behind the Iron Curtain at the fall of the Berlin Wall, in East Germany. Ken's operational experience is vast, he completed no less than eight tours of Northern Ireland at the height of the troubles, was at the liberation of Port Stanley in the Falklands and served in the SAS during the first Gulf War after commanding Britain's anti-terrorist team for a year.

He is an accomplished Mountain Guide and skier and represented Great Britain in cross-country skiing. He has played rugby for the Combined Services, is an expert in the great outdoors in all survival disciplines, an expert diver and climber, and is a keen amateur opera singer!

Ken Hames second inspirational series of Beyond Boundaries followed eleven people as they attempted to make history by walking across Africa from Victoria Falls to the Atlantic Ocean - a staggering 2,000 kilometres through crocodile infested swamps of Zambia and Botswana to the burning sands of the Namibian desert.

Ken Hames led a team of disabled people through terrain that would have the able-bodied on their knees, surviving a raft capsize on the savage rapids of Victoria Falls, through dangerous savannah (lion and big game territory) and across the boiling ancient deserts of Kalahari and Namib.

Ken led and motivated this extra ordinary team as they experienced a life changing journey. Courage, triumph of spirit and a deeply personal emotional and physical trek into uncharted terrain made this a gripping and completely unique adventure series.

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