Nick Hancock

After Dinner & Event Speaker (in association with SpeakOut)

Nick Hancock has recently returned from a unique and record breaking expedition to the remote isle of Rockall in the North Atlantic, an expedition which Bear Grylls described as "An ambitious, exciting and wonderfully mad project..." Nick lived alone on Rockall, in a home-made survival pod on a small ledge, over 15 hours and 230 miles from the Outer Hebrides, for forty five days; a project which was five years in the planning due to the complex logistical requirements and fund raising issues.

Describing himself as an overweight and unfit pre-teen, Nick Hancock went on to become an officer cadet and Army Bursar (during which time he trained with the US Army) before a knee injury stopped his aspirations of a career in the military. It was the training required to recover from this injury that opened a new door for Nick and pushed him to try and find his own mental and physical limits.


Nick worked as senior instructor for John Ridgway at his remote Adventure School in Sutherland, described as "the UK's toughest management training school", teaching, motivating, breaking down and assessing multi-national corporate management teams in high pressure outdoor environments. He holds degrees in Environmental Geography and Surveying, is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and is a qualified Mountain Leader.


Stating that his dislike of hot weather was his motivation behind running the Marathon des Sables, the continuing desire to find his own limits have pushed Nick to run several ultra-marathons, climb some of the world's highest mountains and eventually led him to Rockall, where he lay in fear for his life through a Force 9 gale that swept away food and equipment vital to the expedition.


Having now safely returned, Nick Hancock is looking for new ways to find his own personal limits whilst educating others in his own personal philosophy of Discipline, Optimism and Endurance in all aspects of life; something he is now applying to being a father.

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