Nick Saunders

After Dinner & Event Speaker (in association with SpeakOut)

Workplaces are disintegrating. A staggering 9 out of 10 people don't want to be at work (2018 Gallup poll - 87% of employees are not engaged). This indicates it is increasingly hard to engage employees - to keep, retain and hold a team together.

In an era where employee engagement is down to 15% and 4 in 10 employees report some form of interpersonal conflict at work, Nick Saunders helps individuals and teams transform the way they operate with others. He specialises in communication, collaboration and conflict resolution - enabling people and teams work together more effectively. Nick turns relationships into results.

Nick Saunders has a 25 year track record as a keynote speaker, trainer and bestselling author. He has helped over 150,000 individuals transform the way they work with others. He specialises in communication, collaboration and conflict resolution - by getting people to work together more effectively, function more professionally, collaborate more successfully, all of which leads to improved performance.

Nick does this by demonstrating that organisations are like families (he's known as Nick Saunders - The Family Man). You can choose your friends but families and work colleagues you are stuck with. However, you can still get on with them, and he shows you how by following 6 easy steps that you can start to use immediately.

Success in any organisation  is pretty much down to people communicating, cooperating and collaborating with colleagues, clients and customers. Nick Saunders reveals how to win over anyone and everyone. He takes you through a powerful, practical six step model that will enable you, your colleagues and teams to work together more effectively, collaborate more successfully and function more professionally - all of which leads to improved performance.

Click on the book cover to buy Nick Saunder's bestselling book, "You can choose your friends..."

                    "Wise, insightful and authentic"
                     Matt Dickinson, The Times

What do the very best communicators do to get on with anyone? What skills do they possess that allows them to win over everyone they meet?

You can choose your friends... provides the answer. This book enables people to work together better, collaborate more effectively, function more successfully - all of which leads to improved performance. It's about turning relationships into results.

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"Nick is the ultimate raconteur. He is skilled at sharing experiences from his work and personal life to engage audiences in a way that truly entertains and adds value and benefit to his audience"
Alexandra Delamain - Senior Vice President, The Economist

"A fantastic session from Nick, bringing to life a very powerful model for helping organisations get on well together, getting people to be more collaborative and deliver better results"
Alex Alder - Customer Insights Director, Barclays UK

"What a brilliant keynote conference speech from Nick who has a fabulous, inspiring style and really makes you think about how your behaviour influences others"
Jane McGill - British Airways

"The team were literally buzzing after your speech. We have taken your 6 steps and already we are seeing the positive impact these are making on our interactions  with colleagues in the business and our external stakeholders"
Suzanne Grainger - Resourcing Director, BP

"We have used Nick at least five times now and each time he's been absolutely superb - extremely entertaining and interesting, with some valuable messages that are simple and practical. I would book him more often if I could!"
Pam Langmead - EPHA Professional Officer

"I really appreciated your clear, simple and fun presentation. I will put into practice the 6 key points - great rules for life".
Paul Stuart - CEO, Send a Cow

"Nick - it was fantastic to see you speak at our Staff Development Conference. I know that your bouncing energy transformed many colleagues and your stories and thought provoking statements certainly motivated me even more"
Natascha Clark - VP, HCR Group (USA)

"Thank you Nick. Your speech at the conference was a huge success and they are still talking about the 6 skills"
Leah Queripel, HR Director, Care UK

"As the keynote speaker, Nick really caught the mood and angle very well. It is always hard to address sales people, to motivate them without sounding patronising. However, Nick was genuinely motivational, inspirational and educational. It was a big success - just what I wanted. Thank you!"
Lee Mears - Integra

"Nick - it was so rewarding meeting you and listening to your presentation. The feedback we are getting is incredibly positive and staff have felt motivated, with a direction for their future practice. How amazing is that!  I personally loved your style of delivery and found it poignant that you were sharing your strong family successes with the audience"
Maggi Cooper - Brentwood Collaborative Partnership

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