Nigel Gifford OBE

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Nigel Gifford OBE is truly, a grand master of the world of adventure. He has been at the forefront of, expeditions, exploration and adventure around the world, for well over forty years.

Nigel's career in adventure began as a big wall rock climber. He then moved onto mountaineering and skydiving, making over 1000 descents. With his dynamic personality, Nigel has had a strong influence in the world of expeditions and leading cutting edge adventures, either managing them himself or providing crucial backbone support and logistics for others, such as, adventurer Sir Richard Branson, aeronaut and cosmonaut Andy Elson, Atlantic rower Jan Meek, Polar traveller Oag McKenzie, TV presenter Bear Grylls and mountaineer Sir Chris Bonnington, on his memorable K2 Expedition

Nigel also has a unique relationship with Mt Everest. Having been a high altitude climber of a successful expedition in 1976, he led his own expedition, through Tibet, to the remote Lho La of Everest. Nigel also organised the first ever, Everest Skydive in 2008, which introduced free-fall parachuting to the Himalayas,

In October 2008, he organized the first skydiving from 29,500ft, in front of Mt Everest, with a host of international skydivers landing on the highest drop zone in the world. This adventure received more media coverage than any Himalayan expedition since the first ascent of Everest in 1953, projecting Nigel. He was a key figure in the Channel 5 and Sky News daily coverage of the expedition, which was also beamed across America, on NBC.


In more recent times, Nigel became part of the revolutionary team that created Ascenta, the solar powered high altitude long endurance platform (pseudo satellite) which was acquired by Facebook in 2014 as part of their global connectivity programme to provide free internet to the massive un-urbanised parts of the globe.

Since then he has led the team at Flutter Innovation in the development of a communication platform for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle or more commonly known as drones) to be used in humanitarian disasters, which will communicate directly with survivors.

Also for the humanitarian aid sector, Nigel holds an innovative patent to make manned and unmanned aircraft from compressed and vacuum packed foodstuffs.


The UAV/drone is called Pouncer and is designed to assist in first response disaster management using an inbound delivery system direct to where the food is needed. 


The Pouncer combines aerospace technology with food and agri- technology in its build, and has a power unit made from cardboard and compressed air. 

Nigel Gifford has written a number of books on the planning of expeditions and adventures, notably The Adventurous Traveller (The Daily Telegraph). He has been a consultant editor to Geographical, the official magazine of the Royal Geographical Society and was instrumental in the structuring and launch of BS 8848; the British Standards Institutes benchmark for fieldwork, expeditions, and adventurous activities.

Not only is Nigel a noted world adventurer but as an entrepreneur, he has also made his mark in the world of big business. He is the man who brought the Merrell Outdoor Footwear brand to UK from the United States in the mid 1990s, establishing Merrell as the undisputed, top footwear brand in Europe. Merrell still holds that position today.

Nigel is both inspirational and motivational. He works closely with all clients to deliver on the brief. With his insight into the world of business and marketing, Nigel applies what he has learned, and still learns, from the world of adventure, to business risk assessments, strategies and tactics using what he calls, guerrilla marketing.

Nigel Gifford is unique and has established himself as one of the most sought after speakers in the UK.

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