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Roy Orbison Tribute

Roy Orbison Tribute Show by Iain Sparks

Roy Orbison by Iain Sparks | Emkay Entertainments Agency


Iain Sparks’ performance as Roy Orbison has been reviewed the world over to great acclaim.


People often think he’s miming to Roy’s original recordings. Some say he brings more to the role than just the look and sound of Roy and adds much of the essence of the fabulous Roy Orbison as well.


Iain’s staggering four and a half octave vocal range and powerful, crystal clear voice enable  him to recreate the early iconic vocal sound of Roy Orbison when he was at his very best. Check out the high notes in ‘Crying’ and you will hear why Iain is generally regarded as the best in the business all over the world.


He played Roy in the hit theatre show ‘The Concert They Never  Gave” (E&B/producers of “Buddy” West End) including numerous performances London’s West End theatres and on a variety of other theatre shows, TV adverts & shows including Alan Carr, Westlife (BBC1), The Big Breakfast & many  more.


Iain has toured Canada, Europe, Asia and he has even performed in Australia with a 20 piece orchestra.

To book Roy Orbison by Iain Sparks, contact Emkay Entertainments Agency via Alternatively, speak to a booking agent directly on 01506 855 555.

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