Tim Campbell MBE

After Dinner & Event Speaker (in association with SpeakOut)

Tim Campbell has come a long way since winning The Apprentice television programme.


He became a favourite with Sir Alan Sugar the shrewd boss of Amstrad PLC who knows a winner when he sees one.

The charismatic young man, who was the darling of television audiences, has gone on to set up his own company and is now sharing his experiences with business audiences who want to learn the secrets of his success and discover why Sir Alan or Lord Sugar as he is now known, regarded him as a ''great asset''.

Tim talks about:

...Risk Taking 

...Coping with Change
...Building Self Confidence
...Staying Focused
...Managing Teams
...Entrepreneurial Flare
...Family Values
...Inspiration, Aspiration & Motivation
...Mentors & Mentoring

Unlike prize winners from other shows, the human resource specialist wasn't a one hit wonder when the spotlight faded. After landing a one year contract with the health and beauty division of Amstrad, Tim remained in employment for a further year until announcing that he was giving up his 100,000 a year job to start a male grooming business of his own as well as The Bright Ideas Trust, a social initiative to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Appearing on the television programme and working in a tough environment has been beneficial. He says ''Although Sir Alan can appear off putting, he is an enlightened and popular boss and is not as hard as he comes over on television.'' In fact, he praised him for being a hands on, approachable boss who likes to be involved with projects. ''He was fantastic. Sir Alan has built my self-confidence and taught me practical skills that have helped me look at new challenges,'' he added.
The experience has inspired Tim to achieve greater things and motivate others.

Apart from the male grooming business which he launched, he has set up The Bright Ideas Trust (B.I.T.) - an initiative to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. His goal is to raise at least 1 million annually to fund new businesses and promote entrepreneurial enterprises run by disadvantaged young people who have ideas but dont know how to put them into practice.

Tim Campbell knew he was on the right track when he privately commissioned a survey which revealed a special need among unemployed 16-29 year olds. The study showed that thousands of young people in the UK are ready to start their own business but are missing out because of a lack of advice, interest and more critically the necessary investment.

Tim wants the trust to ''unleash a wave of creativity'' in the country and is encouraging businesses and individuals to support the venture and bring about a revolutionary change in social behaviour, ideas and business thinking.

''The survey shows that more young people than ever are willing to devote time and effort towards starting their own businesses. With a little effort the B.I.T. can focus the energies of those who may otherwise turn to crime and anti-social behaviour towards business. They are saying they need advice and opportunity to prove themselves and we should give them it'' says Tim.

Tim knows what they are up against. He personally set aside early ambitions to be a DJ and pool champion in shady snooker halls in East London as well as a motorcycle GP racer. He eventually buckled down and secured a good education, supported financially by working for London Underground Limited in a variety of positions for seven years. This helped pay for his first degree in psychology. He later went on to post graduate study of human resource management.

He learned many of his people skills as a station assistant working on platform duty and was finally a Marketing & Planning Project Manager when the television opportunity came his way. Tim Campbell was about to launch into business on his own when he saw the advertisement for the BBC television reality show The Apprentice which eventually changed his life.

He became the first winner of the show and the prize was to become Project Director of a subsidiary of Amstrad plc developing, marketing and managing the sales of a new health and beauty product.

Tim did well and was expected to rise further in the business. Therefore, it was a tough decision leaving the comfort zone of Amstrad where he was highly regarded. It was a surprise to many when Tim announced he was giving up his 100,000 a year job to start a male grooming business of his own as well as a The Bright Ideas Trust.

''The inspiration for my decision to move on from a secure job and good prospects was all down to opportunity and spotting the right one and not thinking 'Should I?' 'Could I?' but taking decisive action after weighing up my options and then going for it a hundred per cent. I've always wanted to be successful and at the same time help others who need it. Through my male grooming business and my charitable social enterprise, The Bright Ideas Trust, I can do both, he said.

The enterprise also has the backing of the Conservative Party. Opposition Leader David Cameron, MP admires Tim's spirit of adventure and grounded approach.

Not surprisingly Sir Alan Sugar admires the entrepreneurial spirit of his prodigy and has given both ventures his blessing. He has even offered to be available with advice.

Tim Campbell is excited about the next chapter of his entrepreneurial journey and hopes to enthuse and excite audiences with his stories of yesterday as well as his vision for tomorrow.

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