Treasure Hunts

Set in 1766 and in former Jacobite country, Jock Mclean has returned from America to search for clan artefacts, his father, the chief, having hidden them for safekeeping after the disastrous Battle of Culloden in 1746.


Jock, having been transported to Virginia soon after being captured has sailed back to Scotland on hearing of the death of his father but he has only a well-worn map with clues and his brass compass.


There are clan brooches, ancient silver coins, a Highland dirk and the famed golden torc of the Mcleans, reputed to be Pictish and over a thousand years old.


Jock only wishes to retain a few of these items and those assisting him will share what is found.


This is for all ages (but we usually have just adults) and it suits all nationalities and these are exterior events.The items found are of good quality and yes, you keep most of them.


Such events are for private parties of up to twenty people per session and are suited to castles and homes with their own grounds.

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