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Comedy Impression Show


Set Lengths:
1 x 45 
minutes maximum


Represented by Emkay Entertainments Agency since 2024


Sit back and enjoy the best of variety entertainment in the company of your favourite characters from TV, film and show-business. In this high-energy 45 minute act you’ll meet characters from the lovable Mrs Doubtfire, to the cast of Only Fools and Horses via Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shrek and Donkey and Owen Wilson.

Having been performed at holiday parks across the country for the last five years, audiences love the moments of interaction with Mrs Brown and Alan Carr and are enthralled by the fact that one-man (with a beard!) brings to life over fifteen characters with such realism in this fast-paced comedy romp.

Expect costumes. Expect audio visual treats. And most importantly, expect to laugh… a lot!

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