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Comedian, Host & Presenter


Set Lengths:
1 x 60 minutes maximum

4+ Years with Emkay

Bruce Fummey has been speaking from the age of 7 months!


Starting early in his speaking career, he has had several hundred months to perfect the art of performing and now delights audiences across the country with his natural verbosity and flair.


Bruce's illustrious after dinner speaking career, a contributory factor to his current girth, dates back to school days. He was playing the lead role in Oliver Twist when, standing up after dinner he uttered those immortal words .....  "Is it OK if I eat the boy next to me?".

Nowadays Bruce travels the length and breadth of the country entertaining ladies (ahem!) and gents who delight in his professional manner and light hearted approach.

Most are just interested to know why he wears the hovercraft skirt.

Not just a speaker though - Bruce is a very accomplished comedian.

 A past President of Perth Speakers Club, Bruce has won many awards for public speaking and 

debating within the Association of Speakers Clubs. His credentials for speechmaking are impeccable.


In 2001 he was the National Speech competition winner for the UK's Speakers Clubs and in 2004 he won all three local competitions and was runner up in the UK, representing the North of Scotland. In between he has received various awards for speaking and coaching others.

To book Bruce Fummey, contact Emkay Entertainments Agency via Alternatively, speak to a booking agent directly on 01506 855 555.

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