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HIre Frankie Farrell | Vocal Entertainer | Emkay Entertainments Agency | Get A Quote Now

Vocal Entertainer


Set Lengths:
2 x 60 minutes or
3 x 40 minutes maximum


40+ Years with Emkay Entertainments

Frankie Farrell was one of the original managed Emkay Acts and one of the most successful ones with weekly positive feedback. 

Having started has singing career at 11 years of age, it has been a long and enjoyable road and the road has not yet come to an end.

2020 is a special year for Frankie, celebrating 50 years in the Entertainment business - yes 50 years is a long time.


Frankie is available to celebrate these years and make +2020 memorable for him and venues, old and new.

Frankie Farrell

Frankie Farrell
Frankie Farrell - You Don't Know Me
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Frankie Farrell - The Mountains Of Mourne
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Frankie Farrell - Noreen Bawn
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