Heather Dickson

Nashville recording artist from Kingdom of Fife Scotland. Extraordinary singer and outstanding songs.


Heather does a wide range of material across the board with, of course, Country and Pop, Rock and Ballads and chart tunes from across the decades.

With a little bit of something from everyone, Heather has been subject to constant re-bookings over the many years she has been performing.

To book Heather Dickson, or any of her other shows, contact Emkay Entertainments Agency via mark@emkayentertainments.net​. Alternatively, speak to a booking agent directly on 01506 855 555.


Heather Dickson | Country Performer


"We would be more than happy to rebook Heather."

DC (Dunfermline, December 2019)

"Heather was fab as usual."

SC (Leven, August 2019)

"Excellent act, great voice."

TP (Edinburgh, December 2018)

"A great night with Heather. Lovely singer."

CF (Edinburgh, November 2018)

"Heather went down very well at our venue."

SC (Leven, August 2018)


BM (Kinghorn, June 2018)

"Not one complaint. She went down very well."

SG (Glenrothes, May 2018)

"Heather went down well on Saturday night. A true performer that makes the crowd happy."

IS (Kelty, April 2018)

"Heather went down very well. Thanks for getting her at short notice. Appreciate that."

TP (Hamilton, April 2018)

"Heather was a big success, had the dance floor jumping. Very friendly enjoyed by all."

MF (Burntisland, March 2018)

"Heather was fantastic as usual."

BM (Kinghorn, November 2017)

"Heather Dickson went down well. Very nice person."

TP (Hamilton, October 2017)

"Heather was fab. The people that were there enjoyed themselves."

SC (Leven, August 2017)

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