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Set Lengths:
1 x 60 minutes maximum



Jimmy's life was destined to be in the entertainment industry.


He was born in a Circus and at 16 years of age ran away to work in a factory.

Before he was born,  his parents were asked if they wanted a boy or a girl.   They replied “We don't care as long is it fits in the cannon".

His Uncle was a trapeze artiste and incontinent. He was unlucky, But not as lucky as his audience.

Jimmy finally left the Circus, when his Grandfather (a Clown)died.


He was greatly moved at the funeral when all the other Clowns turned up in the same car.

He felt pangs of guilt about leaving as he was the only one that could get the tent in the bag.

Please note; Emkay Entertainments act as a booking agent for any engagements for this artiste. Bookings are processed through our partner agency, XS Promotions.

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