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Personal Management by Emkay Entertainments Agency

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Vocal Entertainer & Comedy Act


Set Lengths:
2 x 60 minutes or
3 x 40 minutes maximum


Represented by Emkay Entertainments Agency since 2004

Personally managed by us, Shayron Bell has performed over 1100 gigs for Emkay Entertainments Agency.


Personality & Comedy Vocalist Shayron, returned from a spell working and living in Spain, settled back into the Scottish entertainment scene and has been a very welcome return for all her audiences.


Excellent vocals and a very quick line of patter and comedy, Shayron is ideal for either Ladies’ Nights or mixed audiences.

Available for either her solo vocal show or her comedy vocal show.

Shayron Bell

Shayron Bell
Shayron Bell - Abba Medley.mp4
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Shayron Bell - One & Only.mp4
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Shayron Bell - I Was Born To Love You.mp4
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SDP, Cambuslang (January 202)

"Excellent night, customers loved it.."
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