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Close-Up Magician

Jody is a professional, award winning magician based in Edinburgh and is in demand to perform at events throughout Scotland and the UK.


He is an experienced entertainer and will expertly engage with all your guests with his high impact and brilliantly entertaining style of magic.

Jody’s unique style of comedy magic is designed to create magical moments of joy, laughter and wonder that will forever be remembered.


Make your event memorable by bringing family, friends and colleagues together with Jody’s fantastic style of comedy magic!

Jody makes sure that every spectator has a VIP seat for a special performance. He creates and shares visual moments of astonishment, close-up comedy card routines, mischief with money and mental mind reading. Magic that happens in their hands and in their head using everyday organic objects. And the occasional hustle!

When you hire Jody’s specialist magician services, you can relax in the knowledge that you are hiring one of Scotland’s funniest and finest magicians.


Aye Spy Cabaret 

Some children want to be footballers, rock stars or astronauts.


Not Jody… He wanted to be a spy!


The lure of fast cars, glamorous women and living life on the edge was the way he wanted to roll. Jody did what any self-respecting wannabe spy would do… He taught himself!

Follow his hilarious and sometimes dangerous journey, as he learned the skills that would lead him to become a top level, unemployed, secret agent! This show is a fantastic mix of comedy, mystery and magic. Guaranteed to leave you shakin’ … with laughter!

To book Jody Greig, contact Emkay Entertainments Agency via Alternatively, speak to a booking agent directly on 01506 855 555.

Location: Edinburgh - Set Lengths: 1 x 60 mins maximum


Please note; Emkay Entertainments act as a booking agent for any engagements for this artiste. Bookings are processed through our partner agency, XS Promotions.

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