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Showcase Productions Showcase in Blackpool & the Showbiz Ball in May 2024

#TeamEmkay had a great couple of days down in (not so) sunny Blackpool on Tuesday & Wednesday of this week.

Organised by the brilliant team at Lucas Management, these events are always worthwhile attending to see some of the new shows and talent that is on offer.

Over the 4 sessions, there were 80+ acts on display and there are a lot of new options that we will be looking to promote and offer to our clients & bookers in Scotland.

Next week will see us busy talking to the acts and agents, agreeing terms and we can't wait to add them to our websites and socials for you all.

These events also present an opportunity for us to network with fellow agents and to attend the very important meetings held by The Entertainment Agents Association (TEAA).

Our next planned visit to Blackpool is for the TEAA Showbiz Ball on Friday 17 May. This event was a huge success last year and is shaping up to do the same again this year. This is a charity event & will raise funds to be donated to 3 different organisations this year. With celebrity guest appearances, an evening of top quality entertainment, raffles and auctions this night will be a spectacular event. For more details regarding ticket prices and how to book, email

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