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Roy Orbison Tribute

Roy Orbison Tribute  (In association with A.H. Artistes)

Roy Orbison Tribute | Emkay Entertainments Agency


With his incredible tribute to "The Big O", this tribute is proud to make your event complete, dominating them with his similar smooth tenor voice to Roy.


Fans of Roy Orbison have commented on how indistinguishable he is from Roy with his voice, looks and mannerisms, he really pays attention to detail!

Some of the many classic Roy Orbison songs sang are "Only the Lonely," "In Dreams," "Oh, Pretty Woman," "Crying," "Running Scared," and "You Got It"

To book Roy Orbison Tribute, contact Emkay Entertainments Agency via Alternatively, speak to a booking agent directly on 01506 855 555.


Please note; Emkay Entertainments act as a booking agent for any engagements for this artiste. Bookings are processed through our partner agency, A.H. Artistes.

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