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A very challenging weekend !


This weekend has seen some of the worst flooding for many years across most of Scotland, with some areas being cut off completely, denying access in or out of some towns.

It was a very challenging for each and every individual Act in pursuit of them getting to their jobs and earning and sadly, not all of them were able to attend their gigs.

We are very mindful of the fact that this has cost Acts in fuel and time, resulting in a loss of earnings but were we greatly appreciate the efforts and attitudes of everyone who adopted "the Show must go on!" approach.

Thankfully, nobody was stranded or injured and, with the agreement of the venues concerned, we had the safety of everyone foremost in our minds and agreed for those affected to turn around and head home.

Events like this highlight the plight of entertainers each and every weekend, who leave their loved ones at home and often travel great distances to earn their living and provide entertainment for others before making that long trip home afterwards.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation go out to each and every one of the talented Acts that we represent, not only for this difficult weekends efforts but for every job that you undertake for #TeamEmkay

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